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            Setting the End of Activity Link

            To finish a run and receive their incentive, all participants must finish the activity by clicking (or being redirected to) the end of activity link.
            This will automatically approve them as having completed the activity.
            You will need to ensure that the participant has properly completed the activity and their data has been saved before you give them the link or redirect them.
            The two main ways to add a end of activity link are to include it at the end of an activity as a link or button or to automatically redirect the participant.
            Many providers allow for redirects and this is often preferable.
            Here are the instructions for common providers:
            In these cases simply use the end of activity link we provide you as the redirection link.
            Not all providers allow for redirects (such as Google Forms), or you may want to make sure that they click or copy and paste the link for various reasons.
            In which case you can simply provide them with the link in your success message.
            In most cases this is in plain text, however in Google Forms you need to add the message through the settings.
            Here are the instructions for Google Forms.

            3. Use *program in GuidedTrack

            If you have built your activity in GuidedTrack you can use one of these programs to automatically generate an End of Activity link, button or redirect:
            • *program: EndOfActivityButton (for a button)
            • *program: EndOfActivityRedirect (for a redirect)
            • *program: EndOfActivity (for a link)

            Updated: 26 Dec 2018 06:01 PM
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