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            Setting Custom Attributes Individually and in Bulk

            Need to add custom information participants into the Positly system? This feature enables you to set "Custom Attributes” for participants.
            You may want to target participants based on have custom demographic information, previous results from other tasks and many other custom variables. This enables you to set the custom attributes individually and in bulk. You can also set these by using URL Query Strings.
            The setting of custom attributes can be accessed by:
            • Navigating to whichever run you are after
            • Going to the participants tab
            • Clicking the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) in the top right hand corner (near the search bar) or right next to the specific participants.
            Watch the video walkthrough of the custom attributes feature.

            When setting custom attributes in bulk you can only set one custom attribute at a time, and the values must be the same for everyone that you are setting it to (e.g. if you wanted to set attribute1 as 5 for participant1 and attribute1 as 2 for participant2 then you'd need to do it separately).

            Updated: 26 Dec 2018 06:25 PM
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