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            Instructions for Integrating GuidedTrack with Positly

            Positly and GuidedTrack play very well together with Positly sending pre-screened participants to GuidedTrack to complete an activity and then GuidedTrack sending participants back to Positly to confirm completion and provide feedback.
            At each stage of the process data can be dynamically shared between Positly and GuidedTrack this has several benefits:
            • Activity completion is faster and the participant data enriches the study and improves accuracy (pre-screening prevents people from gaming a screener)
            • Makes data preparation and data analysis easier (no need to fiddle around joining data)
            • Enables the retargeting or exclusion of participants based on custom attributes

            Receiving Positly's participant data in GuidedTrack

            GuidedTrack automatically accepts any Custom-Loaded Variables using URL query string parameters. This means that you do not need to do anything and GuidedTrack will automatically integrate with Positly in this manner.
            Successful participants will need to be redirected to Positly's end of activity link to confirm their completion.

            If you use GuidedTrack to build your activities then you can simply add one of the following programs to automatically generate your end of activity URL.
            • *program: EndOfActivityButton
              • This generates a button with instructions then an instant redirect
            • *program: EndOfActivityRedirect
              • This generates an instant redirect
            • *program: EndOfActivity
              • This generates a link and instructions
            Alternatively you can copy and paste the End of activity link into GuidedTrack in any way that you desire.

            Dynamically sending custom attributes from GuidedTrack to Positly

            You can also choose to dynamically pass participant data back to Positly as custom attributes.
            • If you are using one of the redirect programs listed above then to include query string parameters simply include any query string parameters you set in the string variable "url_params" using the format "{url_params}&key=value".
            • Alternatively, if you are pasting in the End of activity link manually then you can set the custom attributes in your URL by adding them as key-value pairs (keys are preceded by an "&" and followed by an "=").
              • You can also set these dynamically using GuidedTrack saved variables
                • For example: https://app.positly.com/#/f?task_id=ID&favourite_color={favourite_color}

            Updated: 26 Dec 2018 04:58 PM
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