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            Instructions for Integrating Google Forms with Positly

            Google Forms do not allow any data to be passed through quietly and pre-filled fields can be edited. Due to the limitations of Google Forms it is recommended to only pre-fill the participant's Assignment ID  and then join your participant data based on this. Google Forms is also limited in that it cannot generate different dynamic completion links.
            Follow these instructions to set up Google Forms pre-filled links  to accept Positly's participant data using the URL query strings.
            1. Create a text field at the beginning of your form named Assignment ID.
              • Note: Make sure to emphasise to the participant that they must not edit this themselves
            2. On your form, click the vertical ellipses (three dots) in the upper right corner to reveal the menu.
            3. Click “Get pre-filled link” Get pre-filled link
            4. Fill in the Assignment ID with "assignment_id"
            5. Click "Get link" which will commit to copy this to your clipboard
            6. Open your run in Positly
            7. Paste the link as your "Activity link"
            8. The text that starts with "entry." followed by numbers is the field name
              1. Select and copy the field name
              2. Then delete the field name along with the preceding "&" or "?" and the following "=assignment_id"
            9. Click "Query String Attributes" in your run creation form to show the attributes
            10. Find "Assignment ID" and change "assignment_id" to the field name you copied ("entry." followed by numbers)
            11. You can repeat this process for any other fields you would like to pre-fill
            Successful participants will need to be redirected to Positly's end of activity link to confirm their completion.
            Follow these instructions:
            1. Click on the "Settings" button that looks like a cog
            2. Click "Presentation"
            3. Paste the End of activity link  along with instructions to click it in the "Confirmation message" field 

            Updated: 26 Dec 2018 04:54 PM
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