How exactly does Positly work?

            Positly is a unique platform that combines some of the most significant aspects of other research sites into one seamless platform. The integrated approach allows Positly researchers to set up their study, publish it on the platform and manage participants for superior results. Researchers are able to easily manage participants throughout the research process with features such as retargeting and exclusions, messaging and notifications, bonusing and the management of custom attributes.

            Researcher Process

            The integrated approach created by Positly allows researchers to manage the process from beginning to end, even providing the ability to communicate with and receive feedback from participants to improve the overall research. Here’s how the process works for researchers.
            1. Create your project (this is the top-level container for your study).
            2. Create your first run (this is a specific instance of participants completing an activity).
              1. Choose your participants
                You have the ability to target participants based on a wide range of factors that you set. These steps include:
                1. Target by demographics
                2. Number of participants required
                3. Participant reward amount
                4. Start and end dates
              2. Set up your study
                Once you have set your participant parameters, you can move on to the next step in setting up your study.
                1. Describe the details:
                  1. Name
                  2. Description
                  3. Estimated time to complete
                  4. Activity link for your study (the URL where your study can be found)
                2. Integrate your study with Positly:
                  1. Integrate participant details (e.g. identifiers and demographics)
                  2. Add Positly’s end of activity into your study
              3. Publish your study
                1. Add account credit if you haven’t already in order to pay your participants
              4. Monitor as participants complete the study and provide their feedback
            After you’ve published the study you can:
            • Create your next study following any of the tactics below.
              • Start from scratch
              • Duplicate previous studies
              • Retarget participants
                • Based on previous activity
                • Based on custom attributes
              • Manage your participants.
                • Participant approvals
                • Participant feedback
                • Participant attributes
                • Bonus payments to participants
                • Messages with participants

            Participant Process

            Positly is a researcher facing tool, and we find participants by interfacing with participant pools that many researchers are familiar with (e.g. microtasking websites and panels from research firms) and save the researchers’ time and money with our features.

            While we are currently expanding our pool of participants for researchers, the main pool currently comes from the microtasking website hosted by Amazon called Mechanical Turk.

            Regardless of where the participants come from, they will follow this same basic process:
            1. Eligible participants see (or are notified of) the study listing.
            2. Participants agree to complete the study.
            3. Participants go to a pre-screen survey to confirm demographic attributes and complete quality checks.
            4. Participants are redirected back to the main activity (e.g. survey).
              1. The participant attributes (identifiers and demographics) are sent to the redirect URL.
            5. Upon completion, participants are redirected to the post-survey to signal completion and provide feedback.
              1. Researchers can send participant attributes in this redirect URL for future targeting.
              2. The participant feedback is shared with researchers.
            6. Successful participants are automatically approved within six hours and given any rewards.

            Updated: 26 Dec 2018 04:47 PM
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