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            Integrate your activity to collect IDs and basic demographic information using URL query string parameters

            Positly provides researchers with unique participant identifiers in every study as well as basic demographic information and other helpful attributes about participants.

            To properly identify participant activity it is a requirement to store the Assignment ID in your data, and often helpful to also store the Participant ID also. This data can later be used in managing your participants (including retargeting or excluding participants, joining data, giving bonuses, setting attributes or sending messages).

            This participant information is automatically passed through to the activity URL (e.g. survey) using URL query string parameters which you can then store, or even use in an activity to dynamically change the way it behaves for users (see this example).

            Depending on the software you are using for your study, you may need to set up your software to accept these participant attributes. We recommend using GuidedTrack because by default it will accept any query string while most other tools require that you set them up manually.

            Updated: 26 Dec 2018 04:41 PM
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